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even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church'' Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D

"The Cinnamon Bear" Radio Show

In 1937, a radio show debuted that became an American secular tradition: "The Cinnamon Bear."

These radio shows are a series of shows that form one story, a story meant to be listened to in the weeks just before Christmas. They were originally broadcast starting on the day after the American Thanksgiving (or on Thanksgiving Day, depending on the radio station), and then for six days a week thereafter, ending on Christmas Eve. They've been aired somewhere in the United States every year since.

The show is a totally secular adventure tale for children, centered around a brother and sister who venture into Maybeland to find the lost silver star that once adorned their Christmas tree. Each episode is no longer than 13 minutes.

A nightly listening to one of these shows might delight your children (if they're as easily delighted as the children of 1937 were) and be something that can accompany the opening of your Advent Calendar windows. There are 26 episodes in all, so if you start listening on December 1, you'll have to listen to the first 3 episodes on December 1, and then to one each night thereafter in order to wrap things up on Christmas Eve. Here is "The Cinnamon Bear" in mp3 format:

December 1: Episode 1: Paddy O'Cinnamon
Episode 2: Weary Willie
Episode 3: Crazy Quilt Dragon
December 2: Episode 4: The Inkaboos
December 3: Episode 5: Weasley, the Wailing Whale
December 4: Episode 6: Samuel Seal
December 5: Episode 7: Presto the Magician
December 6: Episode 8: Candy Pirates
December 7: Episode 9: Roly-poly Policeman
December 8: Episode 10: Professor Whiz
December 9: Episode 11: Fee Foo, the Gentle Giant
December 10: Episode 12: Rhyming Rabbit
December 11: Episode 13: The Wintergreen Witch
December 12: Episode 14: Queen Melissa
December 13: Episode 15: Snaper Stick the Crocodile
December 14: Episode 16: Oliver Ostrich
December 15: Episode 17: Muddlers
December 16: Episode 18: Cocklebur Cowboys
December 17: Episode 19: Wooden Indian
December 18: Episode 20: Flying Hat
December 19: Episode 21: Snowman
December 20: Episode 22: Santa Claus
December 21: Episode 23: The Bad Dolls
December 22: Episode 24: The Parade
December 23: Episode 25:Captain Tintop
December 24: Episode 26: North Pole

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