Apologia: The Fullness of Christian Truth

``Where the Bishop is, there let the multitude of believers be;
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church'' Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D



The Rosary 

Words and Music by
Robert Cameron Rogers and Ethelbert Nevin
Recorded by Perry Como



The hours I spent with Thee, Dear Heart!
Are as a string of pearls to Thee,
I count them over, every one apart,
My rosary, my rosary.

Each hour a pearl, each pearl a prayer,
To still a heart in absence wrung,
I tell each bead unto the end,
And there a cross is hung.

Oh, memories that bless and burn,
Oh, barren gain and bitter loss,
I kiss each bead and strive at last to learn,
To kiss the cross, Sweet Heart,
To kiss the cross.



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