Apologia: The Fullness of Christian Truth

``Where the Bishop is, there let the multitude of believers be;
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church'' Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D

The Church,
Pope Pius XII,
& the Nazis

Pope Pius XII

One thing I have learned since having been confirmed a Catholic and after having studied my faith more fully is this: where there are unreasonable attacks against the Church, there is either ignorance or a malignant heart. Scratch the surface of someone who gets their kicks (or paychecks) slandering the Church or presenting it as some sort of ossified dinosaur that's too stupid and reactionary to figure out that Truth changes, and you'll find one of a few things:
    • a hellfire and brimstone Protestant raised on English myths rooted in anti-Spain and anti-Catholic sentiments;

    • a Marxist, Socialist, or other breed of leftist;

    • a radical feminist;

    • someone who wants to normalize homosexuality or who has some sexual habit or proclivity he doesn't want to give up;

    • someone who promotes abortion and/or the use of contraception;

    • the kind of person who worships "goddesses" and "forces" or otherwise engages in New Age silliness;

    • a cynical kid raised in our secular materialist world who's read his socialist-penned schoolbooks and believes that "religion" is the cause of all evil 

The reasons all boil down to ignorance, radical politics, New Age-ism; gender confusion, or the desire for "easy" sex, this last being the first among the usual suspects.

John Cornwell, the self-described "Catholic" author of Hitler's Pope is no different. His book, Breaking the Faith, has been summarized thus: "A former seminarian decries the conservative trend in the modern Catholic church, and offers suggestions for its liberalization." In his own words from the book relevant to this essay, Hitler's Pope:

The beatification of Pius XII would be a major victory for the traditionalists over the progressives with regard to the interpretation of Vatican II. If the Papacy becomes too strong to the detriment of the people of God, the Catholic Church will suffer a loss of moral and spiritual influence to the detriment of us all.

In other words, this well-known leftist wants to interpret the sixteen documents of Vatican II in "revolutionary" terms, calling upon their "spirit," as leftists are wont to do, in order to justify his political or sexual agenda -- an agenda that's so powerfully motivating to him that engaging in calumny against a good and holy man and creating undeserved scandal are acceptable means in bringing it about.

Another papal slanderer, Ralph Hochhuth, had nefarious motives as well, writing a 1964 play called "The Deputy." According to a former official of Romania's Secret Police, his play attacking Pius XII as a Nazi sympathizer was fabricated by the KGB and Eastern bloc Marxists' disinformation campaign. The campaign, named Seat 12, had as its goal the discrediting of the moral authority of the Church and of Christianity in general in the west.

That Pope Pius XII saved 800,000 Jewish lives, hiding Jews in monasteries, convents, and inside the Vatican itself; that he got to the Jews money for travel; that he issued fake baptismal certificates so they could pass as Christian; that he was praised by Jews at the end of the war (by everyone from Golda Meir to the Communist Albert Einstein) as a "righteous gentile"; that his was called by the New York Times the only voice among the silence on the topic of the Jewish persecutions; that the Chief Rabbi of Rome was so impressed by this Pope's holiness and heroism toward his fellow Hebrews that he took his name when he converted to Catholicism -- these things have been written about by people much more talented than I. Links to what they have to say appear below. Please read them -- and as you do, remember that ignored in the singular focus on the tragedy of the Jewish "holocaust" is the destruction of Christians that took place simultaneously: not only were Catholics also murdered by Nazis (3,000,000 in Poland alone, but, at the same time, 15 million Christians were being murdered by our ally, "Uncle Joe" Stalin, much-beloved by FDR, American liberals, and American media. Where are the outrage, the memorials in every major American city, the Hollywood movies, the PBS specials, the "Christian 'holocaust' education programs" in public schools, the slogans, the defense leagues, the apologies for them? Where's even a mention of it in the typical American High School textbook? Why "the silence"? And why the double standard?

And as you read all this, for the love of all that is Holy, realize that Pope Pius XII was in between a rock and a hard place. He was in Vatican City, surrounded by Rome, in the middle of Mussolini's fascist Italy. On one side of him he had Communists, who were slaughtering Christians in astronomical numbers, in a movement led predominantly by Jews, and on whose side the Allies entered the war. On the other side of him, he had pagan racist Nazism that was, in very large part, a reaction against Jewish-led Communism, but which was just as anti-Christian. He was against both of these evil ideologies (see his Encyclical Summa Pontificatus below) but was hardly in a position to do much about either in a hugely public way without increasing the slaughter of both Jews and Christians. The great and holy Pius XII did what he humanly could, as publicly as possible, and most powerfully and effectively behind the scenes. The world knew this during and after the war; it has forgotten since the ascendancy of cultural Marxism that has changed our culture to one that is thoroughly anti-Christian -- most especially anti-Catholic.

No, the Pope wasn't a Hitler-lover. And neither were German Catholics:

Catholic areas shown in black

Hitler voters shown in black

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Book Link: Hitler, the War and the Pope, by Ronald J. Rychlak
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Book Link: Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century: A Comprehensive World History Let's set the record straight: the incessant focus on only the Jewish Holocaust pushes the much worse, more vast, and still on-going Christian Holocausts to the back burner. Ask yourself why. From the Marxists, to the Nazis, to the Protestants in the time of the "Reformation," to Muslims of the past, and to Muslims and cultural Marxists/seculars today, the Church is enemy. Read about it.
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Book resource: "The Persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich: Facts and Documents Translated from the German," published in 1941, this book is filled with evidence the cultural Marxists, the "Hitler's Pope" lovers, don't want you to see


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